TREND: The Homecoming Queen

While Homecoming might be the welcoming back of former alumni, this Fashionista proves it’s also the welcoming back of some of the most adored trends. Her ensemble includes the classics, while still portraying school pride by sporting the Fordham color – maroon!

Since coming to college you’ve been ‘saved by the bell’ of the required school uniforms, but that doesn’t mean school-inspired wear is out of date. Her backpack reminds us of the simple, youthful days of carrying around our life (i.e. a notebook and a superhero lunchbox) on our back. But, to be cool in school, exhibit your utilitarian flair with a chic leather backpack. The tough aesthetic of this accessory juxtaposes perfectly with her large-and-in-charge scarf. Printed super-sized scarves can be worn in lieu of fancy tops. Just throw on a normal tee, particularly a school spirited color, and add the bit of attention getting neck flair. While the Homecoming Spirit Day may or may not be “'70s attire,” this Fashionista tastefully welcomed back the denim vest trend. I have a vested (no pun intended) attraction in this piece of apparel: you can virtually throw one on with almost anything. Investing in one is a wise buy for they can accentuate or conceal your figure. Providing a new focal point, vests easily refresh any outfit. The Fashionista’s unfussy dressing is elevated with expert accessorizing: bangles, layered necklaces, and oversized rings. Staying true to a tomboy aesthetic this fashionable Ram wins Homecoming Queen.

Hint: Stumble upon denim vests at Topshop, invest in some classic patterned Begg scarves, and discover great vintage-looking leather backpacks at Saddleback Leather Company.

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