What I really love about fashion is how it references different time periods especially since we are in the year 2010. A lot of the looks people are sporting now are trends and styles that were popular almost twenty years ago. However, they have been changed a bit to make them look a little more modern. For example, Mary Quant created the mini skirt in the 1960's and it's a style many people are aware of. The dark skinny jeans Audrey Hepburn made popular continue to be a long lasting staple in everyones wardrobe. This week's CollegeFashionista is sporting a vintage look that can mostly be attained by thrift store shopping, which is an excellent and creative way to complete a look. She is wearing a loose blouse with a ruffled collar and sleeves that are slightly ruffled as well. She also wears a high waisted denim skirt with little tan flats and a messenger style crossbody purse. Her look can be atttained in a few different ways. This shirt from Urban Outfitters can be worn with a high waisted skirt like this one or tucked into high waisted denim shorts.

Hint:  Want to go vintage shopping to get a look like this CollegeFashionista? Try Screaming Mimi's or What Goes Around Comes Around. They always have some really cool items. If you ever want to donate and shop at the same time head to Buffalo Exchange.

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