Exclusive Feature: Rent the Runway Fashion Show Recap

Have you ever run into the situation where you have somewhere fabulous to go but nothing fabulous to wear?  Haven’t we all experienced that dilemma on multiple occasions?  Whether it is a wedding, a Fraternity or Sorority semi-formal, or a 21st birthday bash Fashionistas are always (and I mean always) on the prowl for a flashy mini-dress or an elegant maxi-dress.  However, as college Fashionistas we often find ourselves falling in love with that perfect dress but have to leave it at the store because it is too expensive and let’s face it a sparkly Tibi shift dress isn’t really that practical for a college student on a budget.  But don’t go running off to raid your friends’ closets just yet, there is a chic and cheap solution to this problem (and it’s easy too!) 

Recently there was a Rent The Runway Fashion show in downtown Iowa City.  Rent The Runway is the ideal place to find all types of dresses for a wide range of events such as weddings, dates, holidays and of course, girls’ night out.  But here is the catch, you don’t have to purchase any of the items you want to wear, you can simply rent them (yes, like a movie or library book.)  Rent The Runway allows you to choose from dresses and formal wear from the collections of top designers for 90 percent off the retail price!

The Rent The Runway fashion show was swarming with fashionistas all waiting to get a glimpse of the perfect dress for their next big occasion.  Some common trends of the evening were neon platform heels, bold accessories and sheer blouses.  As the Rent The Runway show began I saw smiles form and heads crane as the dressy looks for both day-and nighttime occasions came down the runway.  So, as the holiday season approaches and you pencil events into your calendar, be sure to consider paying a visit to Rent The Runway to be sure you walk into your next party with style.

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