Thrifty and Thriving—Finding High Fashion at Low Prices

To be a college student in this day and age has many meanings: you’re young, you’re getting an education, possibly working a job, and you have the whole world at your feet. This is the time to learn about subjects you love, subjects you hate, yourself, and the people around you. And chances are, you’re also beginning to explore your independence and the slim budget that comes with it! But, have no fear! There are still many ways to keep up your Fashionista lifestyle without cringing every time you check your bank account balance.

During my first year as a college student, I fell in love with thrift shopping and clothing swaps. One of my good friends also introduced me to a Facebook page where girls in my area were reselling their fabulous clothes for dirt cheap. Finding cheap gems to add to my wardrobe is always the highlight of my day, however, I will admit that it does require some patience. There are definitely some duds that hang on the racks at some thrift shops. However, if you try hard enough, you can leave with the perfect item without burning a hole in your pocket!

In her first look, this Fashionista rocked the boho vibe in an Anthropologie top, Calvin Klein shorts, and a brown fringed backpack, all of which came from her favorite thrift store. She also sported a scrunchy on one wrist, a gold necklace, and her mom’s vintage bandana around her hair. Both her top and shorts could easily cost over $50 each at retail value, but she was able to walk away with that outfit having spent less than $25! This cute combo is a perfect everyday look, whether you’ve got a class or a coffee date!

In the second look, she used a Free People top with Calvin Klein jeans. This soft, burnt-orange top had a netted overlay and crops just above the belly-button. This was re-sold to her from a page on Facebook for only $10. Her high-waisted Calvin Klein jeans go perfectly with any top and only cost her $8. She ended up throwing on some lipstick and re-purposing her mom’s vintage bandana as a neck scarf. Her tan booties were not thrifted, but they were too cute not to mention! This look is perfect for a night out or an outdoor concert.

Buying pre-loved clothes is an amazing way to update your wardrobe without breaking the bank. There’s such a wide array of clothing out there that it’s easy to find what you need for any type of look!

Do you like to thrift for your clothes? Let us know in the comments!

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