TREND: Tie One On!

About every man has one in his closet. It can be found mixed in with other clothing items or neatly hanging adjacent to other accessories. From remote memories of wearing tacky clip-on ties when I was younger, to present day, having a slight obsession with purchasing neckties in the most intriguing colors, the necktie has always been a part of my life. But one of its more recent, essential uses is to compliment a dandified suit. Originally, the necktie, never thought of as a fashion accessory, could state one's status, occupation and identity. Now you can wear ties with just about anything; dress it up, dress it down-it just works!

As you all know, I like to play with different patterns. Details, such as the enclosed buttons when buttoned up, can give jackets a clean profile. Unfortunately, that detail isn’t visible in this post. One of my favorite ties from the great people at 3sixteen is the wool tie made out of stout material. It’s my preferred width measuring in at 2.5 inches wide. In regards to another accessory, braided belts have once again gained my favor. This came after rediscovering my very own collection locked in an old box in my basement. The functionality of braided belts speaks for itself, as adjusting to the correct waist size is just another braid stitch away. Also, pocket squares and tie clips are all the rage these days. Go for it, you won't look too dressed up. I promise.

Hint: My favorite place to get ties? TOO many places; vineyard vines, J.Crew, Brooks Brothers, among many other places. Be unique with ties, no need to be boring!

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