TREND: Tight Up!

Throughout history, one of the most controversial topics in regards to women’s fashion was whether or not to bare it all. Even today, deciding on how much leg to show for any occasion is a never-ending battle. Various rules and guidelines have been created through the years to help us with length issues, no pun intended. For example, if you are dressing for business professional attire for that 9-5 job, the skirt should hit right above the knee and be long enough so you don’t have to constantly pull at it when you are sitting. Some go by the fingertip rule to see if they are baring too much skin or some don’t go by a rule at all. We might finally have an answer that will hopefully ease the pain of deciding how much leg to show.

Tights have always been a necessity for the cold weather, especially if you want to wear a dress when it's below zero. Now textured tights have been popping up everywhere from college campuses to celebrity icons like Rachel Bilson. They are a cheap way to accessorize an outfit because stores like Urban Outfitters and Forever21 carry tights for as cheap as $4.50 (a bargain). These tights will make you feel like you are not showing too much leg and are perfect to wear now because you won’t get overheated in the warm weather. Wearing a pair of textured tights under a pair of denim shorts, skirt, or dress allows you to bare it all without being over-the-top.

This Fashionista walked guilt free around campus by pairing her grey patterned tights with a casual loose-fitted top and a pair of denim shorts. By keeping her outfit neutral and casual it allows the tights to be the star of the show and stop the outfit from becoming too busy. When it came to her other accessories, she had a to-die-for bronze glitter nail polish and a simple charm necklace which flatters the neckline without looking overdone. Remember to not overdo your look because the tights alone are a statement item.

Hint: If textured tights are still too much for you, try a solid pair in a different hue like navy, baby pink, or deep purple.

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