TREND: Time Bomb

Lately, there has been a trend in my life that I have not noticed until now: time. Daylight savings time was a week ago, there seems to be never enough time in a typical college students’ life, and a lot of my guy friends have been asking me about what kind of watches they should ask for since it is getting closer to the holiday season. 

Personally, I have stayed away from wearing watches because I did not know what style to get and I did not know how to handle the watch itself. I would always bang the watch against things, it would get in the way of wearing other accessories, or I just found a watch to be too big and bulky. But I have been noticing a great increasing trend within the Fashionisto scene that I think Fashionistas (myself included) should follow.

I will admit, I have done some research and asked some of my guy friends what they want in a watch. And you readers know there’s nothing like a white-faced men’s watch with a black leather or stainless steel band. If a classic timepiece hasn’t yet made its way into your fashion arsenal, Fashionisos, then that should be next on your to-do list.

A first-rate watch commands power and gives a wardrobe a classy spin. But if you are glancing at your wrist noticing nothing there but wanting something there, then think about your own personal style. If you are a subtle Fashionisto, down-to-business and who doesn’t really take risks but likes to dress well, a classic leather strapped watch is perfect. Or, if you are dressed business casual like this Fashionisto, try a subtle black watch. If you’re a bit more daring, some modern looking watches stray from convention thanks to their face shape and time display.

Once you have a classic timepiece that complements your look, you never know what a great time you can actually have!

Hint: For you Fashionistas, check out this amazing watch that I want for myself (and I'm not even a watch fan!) It is the perfect blend between a watch and bracelets! I want all the color options available

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