Tokyo: Uniform Fashion

Fashion in Tokyo is such a major sector of the Japanese culture that I have decided to spend three days focusing on different breakdowns within the younger generation. First up: uniforms.

When it comes to school, the cast of Gossip Girl has nothing on these Harajuku girls. The Japanese school uniform is anything but uniform. Between the neckties and the pleated skirts, I wouldn’t mind wearing these uniforms to class. Not only were the uniforms themselves stylish, but the girls added individual accessories and charms to make the look theirs.

The Japanese youth also love their “plushies” (i.e. stuffed animal, cartoon character key chains). They hang them on their bags and off their cell phones, adding a flair of innocence and uniqueness at the same time.

And, although they might not be of college age, I couldn’t help obsess over how adorable the elementary age children were in their uniforms as well. They would ride the subway, hand-in-hand with their favorite classmates, without the supervision of their parents. Often these kids carried briefcases that were as big as they were. It was precious.

So, while it’s hard to think of heading back to school just yet, I hope you are inspired by the Japanese schoolgirls when planning ahead for classes in the fall.

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