Tokyo: Women’s Fashion

Like any big city, Tokyo has a variety of neighborhoods that each house a cluster of shops and restaurants. With their subway being extremely user-friendly, I hopped around from neighborhood to neighborhood exploring the types of people that hang in each area.

The three main areas that my photographs came from are Harajuku, Ginza and Shibuya. The girls from Harajuku carried similar fashion aesthetics to my own. The oversized, boxy shirts were in style as well as wearing masculine pieces in a feminine way. They dabbled with their hairstyles, showcasing edgy bobs and straight bangs. (*Note: any tourist visiting Tokyo must check out the incredible Lafouret, which is a fashion mecca of boutique stores and one-of-a-kind pieces).

Then I jumped over to Ginza. Ginza brought a classier more refined mix of Fashionistas who pursued luxury stores such as Lanvin, Prada and Gucci. Of all the areas, Ginza seemed to have the most Western influence and styles akin to any major city in the states.

And then there was Shibuya. A crazy conglomerate of people ranging from college-aged women dressing like little girls with pastel make-up and floral dresses to lots of bleach blonde streaked Japanese hair. Shibuya also brought a more risqué crowd of girls wearing short hemlines and knee high socks.

In general the women of Tokyo were true trendsetters and I can hardly wait to go back.



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