TREND: Transcending Floral Flocks

Inspired from runway looks of Thakoon and Diane von Furstenberg, fabulous fall frocks are a great transition between seasons. While most think this is the most difficult time to put together outfits, I choose to view this period as an opportunity rather than as an obstacle. Integrating winter’s dark tones with spring’s floral prints creates a sensational seasonal segueing! This Fashionista provides you with enough outfit inspiration to satisfy all of your fall sartorial cravings!

The juxtaposition of her gray slate chunky-knit sweater and delicate posey dress appears feminine but not fussy. It produces a unique cohesive silhouette that captivates the freshness of spring and coziness of winter. It’s thrilling to see how some Fashionistas experiment with the season’s ample offerings of wardrobe essentials. It proves to show clothing can transcend from season to season while looking totally appropriate but also completely out of the ordinary. The thick black tights create a simple base to build upon. They are an essential, important, and versatile accessory when the weather starts to cool for any fashion crazed individual. Her neutral chocolate colored laced shoes add a bit of tomboy chic to her flower power garb.

One day it’s hot, one day it’s cold, thus these conflicting temperatures allow clothing difficulties for most, but empowering choices for the ingenious Fashionistas. The ability to put on a weather appropriate outfit regardless of what it says on the thermostat portrays an enduring elan. It’s refreshing, warm, and cool, combining the best of all seasons!

Hint: Hunt out floral flocks at the sale rack at Urban Outfitters. Rummage through your mothers closet or the shelves of Gap for classic clunky knit sweaters. And log onto Zappos to find essential season footwear similar to her Lucky Brand kicks.

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