TREND: Black Out

Students at the University of Rhode Island are becoming masters of hurdling snow banks and trudging their way to class. There are seldom any chances to look up because of the snow coming down on us, or the challenge it causes as it accumulates. Luckily, I caught this Fashionista on one of the few days where the sun was shining and there were no class cancellations.

Mastering winter layers and accessories, she kept warm and stylish by pairing her headband with a pair of sunnies. The down puffy winter coat remained sleek with its black sheen and contrasting gold zipper. The look of this Juicy Couture coat can be achieved with this Northface offered in both black and graphite grey. The glossy finish gives the jacket an extra "oomph" compared to the typical puffy winter coat. I also took notice of the three buttons going up the sleeve, giving a little extra detail to the coat's overall appeal.

Wearing a pair of Hunter rain boots, this Fashionista added faux fur inserts that I mentioned in last week's post. The faux fur was a mix of grays and complimented the reptile-embossed, patteren rain boots. Hunter boots are not only stylish, but a quality boot that can get you through the rain and snow while keeping you dry. Get this Fashionista's look with the Hunter Carnaby Boa Tall Metallic boot.

By contrasting her knitted scarf in cool colors against her shiny coat, this Fashionista was able to stand out. The large scarf was effortlessly tossed around her neck and the tassels adorned at the bottom made the scarf look so chic. To keep warm in the frigid weather, she wore a powder blue headband that contrasted her dark brown hair. The way she wore it over her hair gave her a cool bohemian look, especially paired with tortoise colored sunglasses. Try a pair of simple and fun wayfarers form Forever21 or go Holly Golightly-esque with these gems.

Follow this Fashionista's footsteps and pile on the layers for style and warmth. Do not forget to take note of her chic bohemian vibe when you pair long straight hair with a thick headband and a pair of sunglasses.

Hint: To add edge to your winter look, why not try a glossy puffer vest paired with a leather jacket. By leaving the vest unzipped, you can show off the leather, keep warm, and give off a chic laid back vibe.

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TREND: Transitioning Pieces

It is about that time to start moving into your new pad for the fall school year, spending all of your money on textbooks, and for classes to unfortunately begin. If you are an avid Fashionista/o, you are ready to bring out the biggest and best trends for the fall season and incorporate them into your wardrobe. Even though fall is fast approaching, the weather is nowhere near cooling down just yet. Being able to wear those fall colors and trends can be difficult if the sun is still blazing.

Transitioning from summer to autumn can be challenging but this Fashionista did it with ease. This ensemble represents both seasons in one outfit and the t-shirt and skirt can be re-styled again and again in the Autumn season. The classic striped grey and white t-shirt was seen everywhere this past summer but that doesn’t mean she can’t wear it for fall. To transition this t-shirt into the next season, try layering a cord jacket on top and pairing it with a pair of skinny jeans.

Now her black cotton skirt can be one of the most important transitioning pieces of the outfit. Skirts are always important for the summer because they show some skin and are breezy, but being able to accessorize them differently for the fall/winter season will enable you to continuously use it. Come fall, I would recommend pairing this same skirt with the new fall trends of a buttoned up collar and a classic blazer. For those bare legs, try these knee high socks, which will give the outfit an autumn twist and keep you warm.

Hint: Remember to not throw away all of your favorite summer must-have pieces. Instead re-use them by layering them with sweaters, cardigans, and scarves to get your warm autumn look.

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TREND: Fall-ing for Fashion

As classes draw near, Fashionistas and Fashionistos begin wondering, what about back to school shopping? We all love getting that money in our hands and heading to your favorite stores to check out the new fall looks. For all Fashionistas, this means we need to get the essentials: jeans, scarfs, sweaters, coats, and boots. Creating your own fall look can be exciting for any Fashionista. We all want to feel and look our best when we head to our first week of classes. We all walk in, scope out the scene, find a good seat, and chat with our friends about our summer adventures. For University of Oregon Fashionistas, we know that the weather is unpredictable, so being prepared for the endless weather situations is a must for all of us.

This week's Fashionista shows off her new favorite fall look. She's wearing her dark, skinny 7 For All Mankind denim paired with a neutral ruffled scarf, button-up top, and leather boots. She is wearing the ideal fall outfit. Each of these pieces are essential for any fall wardrobe.

My favorite fall essentials can be found at the following:

For all Fashionistas, remember what makes you comfortable will always make you more confident.

Hint: Uggs need to be waterproofed before wearing them outside. You can find the water resistant spray at any shoe shop, department store, or parents house. Make sure to spray them twice and let them dry off before wearing them. It will prevent any stains and watermarks that occur when wearing them in dreary fall weather.

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TREND: Who Says You Can’t Wear Brown and Black Together?

This Fashionista is the definition of fun, trendy fashion. She is courageous and not afraid to be different and bold with her style. This Fashionista is the perfect example of a girl that you would find strolling around uptown. She is wearing a great outfit for a lunch date with all of her girlfriends and possibly a little bit of shopping after. Her strapless floral dress is perfect for the hot summers in Minnesota, not to mention the colors in the dress can be paired with almost anything.

The grey background of the dress allows this trendsetter to pair it with textured tights. The tights add a bit of edge to the outfit and it shows that she is not afraid to mix a summer dress with winter tights! She also added on some great accessories to her outfit. The thin braided belt that she wrapped around her waist helped to accentuate her torso. She also threw on a fedora which added some spunk to the outfit. Although everything this Fashionista is sporting is adorable, my favorite part of her ensemble is her brown oxfords. They are so classic and girly at the same time. The color of her shoes are the same color tone as her belt, which was a smart move on this Fashionista's part. When wearing brown and black together you do not want to go overboard with how many different tones of brown you sport. She had the perfect proportion of black and brown, and the belt and oxfords actually compliment her tights.

So next time you are trying to put together an outfit for a day outing, take a tip from this Fashionista and throw on a hat to keep you cool, a fun belt for an accessory, and some rocking tights for that extra edge.

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TREND: Subtle Red, White and Blue for a Fashion-Forward Fourth

The big 4th of July weekend is coming up and I'm sure everyone is looking forward to the much-anticipated, relaxing 3-day weekend. But for any Fashionista or Fashionisto, this big weekend means picking out just the right outfit to impress everyone at the parties and events you'll be attending.

From backyard barbecues to watching an outdoor concert or fireworks, the key to any memorable 4th of July outfit is to keep the red, white and blue subtle. You don't need to drape yourself in cheesy flag-themed attire to show off your patriotic spirit and enjoy whatever plans you may have. So, liven up your Independence Day with red, white and blue, but just be sure not to take it to the extreme by incorporating too many (or any, if you can avoid it) stars, stripes or ribbons.

This fashion-forward Fashionista knows how to dress the part for the upcoming weekend. Although she's wearing stripes, the navy blue and white dress isn't over-the-top gaudy. She accents the outfit with red sunglasses to show off her American pride. Without overdoing it, this Fashionista is able to feel comfortable, while keeping her 4th of July attire looking stylish. 

Here are some final tips to help you have fun show off your stylish 4th of July spirit:

  • For a causal look for your firework pleasure, consider a simple white top that is loose enough to let you stay cool, but still tailored to flaunt your waist. Pair it with bermuda denim shorts for hot afternoons and a blue scarf to keep you warm when the show lasts late into the night.
  • If your plans include listening to live music at one of the many concerts around town, dress the part in this comfortable blue dress. Paired with subtle red and white accessories, these daring details will help you stand out in the crowd.
  • Try pairing a fitted denim dress and a white cardigan for country club celebrations or even your family's backyard barbecue. 
  • Seersucker is always in fashion for the summer. Just add a plain white tee, some red sunglasses and you'll be ready for all 4th of July plans!

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