TREND: ’80s Fabulous

A true Fashionista knows that fashion repeats itself by re-inventing past trends. One of my personal favorite decades for summer is the '80s. They embody color, playfulness, brights and comfort. What more could a Fashionista want on a sunny summer day? Now, I’m not saying go look at old pictures of your family from the '80s and take their old hand-me-downs (although some may be worthy), but be inspired by all that is '80s and take it to 2011.

These Fashionistas have done 80s right. They took two different approaches to the trend and gave it a hip, cool look. We’ve all seen the chambray come and go and it seems it has stuck around for another season, but this Fashionista changes up the game by wearing it in an acid wash and pairing it perfectly with a simple black skirt. Even more amazing than the not-so-simple chambray is her head-to-toe perfection. Bright pink lipstick has been a key staple for spring and summer. It makes her overall outfit pop along with the oversized sunglasses. Only a daring Fashionista would rock those glasses and they pull her outfit together perfectly.

Also, a Fashionista is rarely seen without her fashionable friends and this one didn’t let us down. The second Fashionista owned a plaid shirt. She brought a hip twist to a normal plaid button down by pairing it with dark denim shorts and a pair of sneakers. She looks effortless and cool. She dives even further into the '80s with her glasses. The thick-rimmed style prove perfect to pull together her whole look.

You don’t have to be a '80s lover to pull of this trend. There’s so many ways to bring pieces from the '80s into your outfit without looking like you’ve walked off the set of The Breakfast Club. One of the best places to shop this trend is Urban Outfitters or Nasty Gal. They’ve taken the decade to the present and their lookbooks give a Fashionista a multitude of ways to wear key pieces.

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