TREND: A Blast from the Past

There is nothing more fun than looking in the back of your or your mom's closet, do a little dusting, and finding out that you have yourself a glammed out attire waiting to be worn. Sometimes you can save yourself a great penny by searching and flipping thru garments at your local vintage stores. Usually you’ll find yourself with your arms full of quirky looking items or full of mixmatched antique garments. As you lay everything out, let your creativity do the work and you can go ahead and call yourself the next Rachel Zoe.

This Fashionista has done an excellent job doing so by pairing up this vintage olive green blouse with a leather messenger bag and brown high top, closed toe, shoes. The little padding on her shoulders takes me back to my grandmas days, but still is fabulous enough to catch eyes today. The brown and olive green hue correlates with the season making me easily visualize this fashionista in a setting crammed with trees and fall leaves on a magazine cover.

Hint: Revitalize old glam and accessorize it enough to make it a new trend. Vintage was popular during New York Fashion Week as designer Badgley Mischka created and revamped a vintage Hollywood glamour dress. This collection demonstrates that old is the latest new.

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