TREND: A Casual Cool

My friends often fuss that I’m always dressed up, and I must admit it’s true. In the name of fashion, I scarcely wear sweatpants. But on the rare occasion that I do dress down, I dress way down—big sweatshirt, warm boots and the like. I seem to have trouble finding a happy medium between courageously chic and comfy-casual when it comes to my own sense of style. But this Fashionista has certainly found hers, and the ensemble she bears makes it all seem a breeze.

Boyfriend jeans are always an acceptable choice for a loose, laid back look. And pairing them with a white button down evokes a refreshing cleanliness, which she maintains by sweeping her hair into a ponytail and by keeping her wrists bare, no jewelry to crowd the look.

This Fashionista cuffs the sleeves of her blouse and the legs of her pants to welcome the warmer weather and to show off her leopard flats. The popular animal print she sports suggests she knows a thing or two about the latest trends, while also playing up the color of her embellished gold headband.

She finishes off her look with a thick, black circle scarf providing a cozy cushion for her neck and an added touch of cool.

Hint: You can find a headwear link on all of your favorite sites. From beaded bands like this Fashionista’s to twisted turbans, hair accessories are the go-to when your outfit demands a little extra eccentricity. If you’d rather don an animal pattern atop your head, kick off the flats and check out this wrap…or keep your shoes on for the love of leopard!

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