TREND: A Chic and Unusual Juxtaposition

September serves as the official host month for fashion because all over the world Fashion Week is taking place in major cities from London to Montreal to (most importantly for Fordham) New York! This implies Fashionistas are beaming all around trying to look their ultimate best. During fashion week, anything and everything goes.

While everyone wants to look like a lady, getting in touch with your rebellious side is always a little more thrilling. This Fashionista managed to pull a hybrid of rocker Blondie and graceful Coco Chanel: two distinctively different mindsets producing one harmony of glam. How do you achieve this yin and yang? First start out with a simple palette of dark jeggings and an uncomplicated striped tee. You can spot (ironically) the stripes trend all over Forever 21. Next, add to your attire a leather jacket, a wardrobe staple for countless seasons. The perfect counterpoint to leather is feminine accessories similar to the ones that this Fashionista has adorned. She looks flirty and feminine, and there’s not even pink involved! A Chanel staple – ropes of pearls – is an easy way to add instant glam. Then pulling the Gwen Stefani signature crimson lips, she manages to create a day and night look. Red lips were seen all over Fashion week at the Proenza Schouler and Givenchy shows, and this Fashionista knows what’s in. Everyone is always a little receptive to any type of glistening objects, thus her razzle dazzle pumps grab our instant affection. Sequins will always add a flirtatious and eccentric vibe to any outfit. To finish out her ensemble, she renders one of the biggest accessories trends of the season: a cross-body bag. This snakeskin metallic, fold-over flap version adds a dramatic touch. Style is all about unusual juxtapositions and imperfect mixes like this Fashionista managed to do. Predictable is boring, whereas unpredictable is far more exciting!

Hint: How to mix it up: Look fierce and feminine

  • Combine some cheaper pieces from department stores, prized finds from vintage stores, and anything borrowed from mom’s closet to create a disparity of accessories
  • Perfection is overrated, nothing has to be matchy-matchy
  • Spend more on the classic clothes and less on the trendy accessories
  • You can never go wrong with a leather jacket and a string of pearls

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