TREND: A Feminine Take on the Oxford

We are all familiar with the classic button down oxford that we have seen men wearing for decades. What some may not be so familiar with is that Fashionistas have also caught on to this traditional look. The women’s version of the oxford has taken big strides when attempting to set it apart from the original clean-cut shirt. New detailing such as embroidery, ruffles, floral patterns, lace, pleats, etc. have been appearing on this women’s tailored top. Also, Fashionistas have been taking the transformation of the oxford into their own hands by pairing them with high-waist skirts, vests, heels, skinny jeans or leggings, and even by letting this button down freely hang open while revealing a spaghetti strapped dress underneath. Proenza Schouler’s 2010 pre-fall collection is the ideal example of how the once “boring” oxford has adapted to the runway; creating a variety of fashion forward looks.

The pictured Fashionista has proven that the oxford button down can take center stage while even remaining feminine. Her light blue oxford with cuffed and fastened sleeves with a cinched empire waist has teamed up with a feminine macramé lace vest and destroyed denim jeans to create a casual yet chic ensemble. Her accessories include a deep cobalt blue patent leather bag with gold stud detailing, brown ruffle sandals, and a long gold chain necklace.

With University of Delaware’s Homecoming arriving in just a few weeks, us Fashionistas/os must start to overcome the obstacle of finding an outfit that showcases our overwhelming school spirit, while shying away from resembling our school’s mascot. This Fashionista’s combination of clothes and accessories would be the perfect choice for our university’s prideful day. She is subtly portraying her dedication to the University of Delaware through her color choices of a blue bag, shirt, and jeans, gold studs and necklace, and a white vest. Because our vibrant school colors of blue, gold, and white could end up looking a bit much, her understated take on this color palette restrains her from looking similar to our Fighting Blue Hen.

Hint: If you want to recreate this Fashionista’s look, but want to stand out a bit more in the sea of blue, gold, and white, try replacing the blue oxford and handbag with this slim-fit yellow oxford shirt by Ralph Lauren paired with this Capri blue hobo.

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