TREND: Accessorize Please!

This fall, my favorite accessories aren’t oversized necklaces, bangle bracelets, or flashy rings. Don’t get me wrong; I love every single one of the previous just mentioned, but when going around Iowa City, it was evident that this Fashionista had the right idea about the best way to accessorize her wardrobe this season.

If you take a look at her, it’s clear that the black shirt and jeans alone are cute but the outfit just isn’t complete. The addition of the scarf was the first thing that took this look to the next level. And with the changing leaves and fall colors as her backdrop, the color palette that this Fashionista composed was so appropriate for the season. The burnt oranges and reds of the scarf not only complimented her surroundings, but also her beautiful skin tone and strawberry blond hair.

I also enjoyed her choice of an cross body tote as a substitute for a backpack. Be realistic though, if you have a ton of books and multiple back-to-back classes, maybe this won’t work for you. But consider a tote such as this as a great option for the lecture classes that you only have a notebook and a pen to bring. This was an easy, yet effective way to make her look so stylish.

Last, but certainly not least, I found her shoes to be the perfect compliment for the overall look. I struggle with the chillier months and trying to figure out what shoes to wear. Uggs are always my typical go-to shoe, and they do have a great variety of choices. When I saw this Fashionista, however, I deciding that adding a pair of fashionable moccasins into my wardrobe would be top on my to-do list. These shoes weren’t your typical slippers, either. The black suede had rhinestones in the shape of peace signs, which expressed not only the Fashionista’s style but also her personality.

When thinking about what to add to your outfit to take it from drab to fab, think about working with the colors outside, complimenting yourself, and accentuating your personality. This outfit not only looks great, but you can tell the Fashionista feels great wearing it.

Hint: Fall’s essential accessories have arrived. The first are scarves that work as the key component of your outfit. Wear it with a simple ensemble as this Fashionista did to make it the focal point of your attire. Also, check out how this Fashionista wore her scarf at Newcastle University in England. Try to work in an cross body bag into your outfits over the traditional backpack. In general, they make a more fashionable look. Finally, stay away from wearing the same boots or tennis shoes every day and add some moccasins in the mix.

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