TREND: A Fresh Start

To me, white is the color of summer. I won’t deny that bright colors are equally as fitting, such as the neon trend that hit the runways in the fall 2010 fashion shows, but white is timeless and always adds a certain sense of freshness. As summer approaches it is now appropriate to get the white jeans out of the closet again, an essential summer piece that is guaranteed to brighten any outfit. This Fashionista caught my eye as she hung around enjoying the amazing weather while taking a break from studying and the sauna that the library has been for the past few days. Her outfit is not only cute and chic but extremely library friendly. Jean shorts allow for maximum comfort – not as restricting as a skirt or dress while studying – and as for her top, the linen keeps her cool and the long sleeves can be adjusted depending on the inside temperature. Once again, this outfit is a prime example of how tucking in a shirt can make that much of a difference and adding a contrasting belt also helps. It completely transforms the overall look, making it seem more put together, yet still casual with the rips in the jeans shorts. As for her shoes, they are definitely my favorite part of her outfit. I usually am not a big advocate of trainers on girls, however come summer, slim shoes like hers work very well when paired with shorts. These slide-on Keds add an extra element with the stripes and don’t let her feet just fade away like they may have done if she had just worn a pair of neutral sandals. Besides being the perfect way to top off her outfit and many just like this, fashionable trainers like these are an excellent pair of shoes to have in cities where walking everywhere is inevitable. 

Hint: Try these slide-on Keds to get her look, or if trainers aren’t your style, the oxford shoe can make for a very similar look while still maintaing the comfort level. 

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