TREND: A Hands-free Solution…

This Fashionista hits the nail on the head with her effortless look! But what really tops it off is her stylishly practical across-the-body bag. Running around campus you always need your student ID, some money, your phone–all the necessities. But it can be silly to put those few things in your gigantic bookbag while running for a quick dinner at the cafeteria. This Fashionista finds the perfect solution to this dilemma with her darling tan crossbody bag. Without being stuck with a purse dangling from your wrist or held in your hand, this crossbody style frees you up.

No need to worry though, this isn’t a one-time use bag, limited to a casual night around campus. This purse is perfect for a night on the town! Don’t risk losing your clutch or your over-sized handbag. Crossbody bags are a hands free way to stylishly–and effortlessly–tote your things around! Try Marc Jacobs for a simple, chic way to sport this trend. Or, if you’re unsure if this style is for you, try this pop of color from

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