TREND: A Hot Pink Statement

Every year my family takes a few days off of work, school and whatever else is going on to spend the Fourth of July holiday together at my family’s townhome in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. So when that weekly deadline started to approach once again, I thought to hit Rehoboth Avenue to scour up a Fashionista to feature. To my dismay, everybody was decked out in their Old Navy Fourth of July t-shirts and tinsel star crowns. Although festive, not exactly what I was looking to feature. But as I was sitting outside my favorite Rehoboth store — South Moon Under — a gift from the fashion gods rode up on her stylish pale blue beach bike, and I had found my Fashionista.

This Fashionista was hard not to spot as she sports this hot pink sun dress. This is definitely a sundress that is meant to get noticed. With its lace detailing and perfect cut and length, this Fashionista will most definitely be stopping traffic. What’s great about the dress is it is so versatile — you could dress it up with wedges to be worn to a cocktail party or celebration of sorts, or dress it down such as this Fashionista with sandals and minimal jewelry to be worn while riding a super-cute bicycle!

To finish the look, gold sandals are chosen instead of what you would classically pick: a white sandal. My mother, who was with me when I spotted this Fashionista, could not understand this sandal choice. I explained to her that although a white sandal would match, it would take away from the bold statement of the dress. The gold sandal gives off a subtle chic feel, and I feel they are an excellent choice with this ensemble. A simple strand of pearls around the wrist along with pearl earrings and white nail polish finish out the outfit beautifully.

Hint: Notice that her bike acts as an accessory? If you’re gonna ride an outfit looking this cute, you better have a cute bike to go with it. Try a Schwinn Cruiser or hit your local vintage shop to see what they have in-store!

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