TREND: A Lady in Layers

It is still summer in the Northern Hemisphere, but with autumn lurking just around the corner it is time to look toward fall fashion. The transitioning season between a scorching summer and a shivering winter, accompanied by the excitement of a new school year, provides abundant opportunities to mix and match winter and summer favorites. The key to keeping content on a crisp autumn day: layering. This Fashionista knows a thing or two about keeping cozy and stylish in the autumnal months. She sports a comfy pair of charcoal leggings tucked in to a classic pair of tall, slouchy, black, patent-leather boots. She adds shape with a flowy top and adds a light-weight coal-colored cardigan in case a cool breeze blows by. This Fashionista accentuates her figure by cinching everything in at the waist with a belt that matches her shoes, creating a flattering and feminine look. Finally she throws on a snug chocolate sleeveless vest with a hood (should it rain) and handy pockets. This outfit works perfectly in fall because she has three potential levels of warmth. She can remove or add the vest and sweater to her liking. Her outfit does not look overly busy because the neutral shades compliment each other and allow us to focus on the shapes and textures instead.

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