TREND: A Little Effort Equals A Lot of Style

I found this Fashionista on Slayter soaking up the warm weather in her cool and cute sundress. Amongst a sea of Greek tees and running shorts, her ensemble stood out as someone who actually appeared to put in some effort while getting dressed that morning! But between you and me, my fellow Fashionistas, tossing a dress and sunnies is the simplest way to look stylish in the summer. Who wants to put in all the effort that matching a top and bottom can take? Throw on a sundress, and you are good to go!

My favorite detail of this Fashionistas dress is the open back that gives some wow to a demure cut. As I am sure you know, sundresses are not hard to come by whether you are walking the local mall or shopping near your home, but finding something different than everyone else can be the challenge. Why not check out our local boutiques? Colette, Indigo and Juniper carry designers such as Free People, Splendid and Joe's Jeans that you can count on to have on-trend dresses. If you are not in the neighborhood of West La, try Ruche or LuLus for some feminine and funky dresses you're guaranteed to style in!

Hint: If you want to put some spring in your step, grab some wedges to rock with your dress. Brown leather always looks summery and can be found just about anywhere.

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