TREND: A Neutral Palette

Around the world, neutral colors have been dominant this past season, whether it be on the runway or on campus and don’t fret, they are not going anywhere. As New York Fashion week has been under way this past week, models have stormed the runway exhibiting trends of this coming fall, one of them being a neutral tone used in various clothing and accessories. One of my favorite designers, Vera Wang, had a brilliant show with a eclectic array of materials. From various types of fur to flowing silk chiffon, she created features to make her pieces wearable while upholding a sense of luxury and elegance.

This Fashionista seemed to nail many of the key elements portrayed on the runways. The varieties of gray and brown intertwined with the mixture of materials in each piece complement each other. From her wool sweater, to fur coat, to suede shoes – each piece is distinguished yet not shouting for attention. The overall look embodies not only the soft color palette, but also the idea of minimalism. Just three pieces of clothing, finished with a pair of shoes. Simplicity at its best.

Hint: This Fashionista pulled off all the runway trends through affordable means with her shoes from Bloomingdales, a Zara vest and her pants from American Eagle. Though most of these items are out of stock now keep your eye open for final sale bargains.

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