TREND: A Panache for Pashminas

As an avid wearer of all black ensembles, I whole-heartedly believe that accessories really do make the outfit. I couldn't imagine wearing an outfit without some sort of statement necklace, printed scarf, or armful of bangles. Without accessories, I would literally feel incomplete. What is so great about them is that there are so many different ones available. Their incorporation can turn an otherwise plain or basic look around into an intriguing and creative one.  

I spotted this Fashionista after a late night studying in Gelman. She is wearing an outfit I can completely relate to and appreciate, as some version of it is usually what I naturally default to in terms of everyday wear. Rocking the most essential item for fall, a quality leather jacket, she looks chic yet edgy. Pairing it with a great pair of dark denim skinny jeans, she completes the look by tucking them into a pair of black boots, another investment purchase that is crucial for the transition into fall. Adding her own flair and innovation, she sports a multi-colored pashmina atop the black slate. This accessory is such a smart way to brighten the look up without it being overly distracting, as some accessories can tend to do. Pashminas are by far the easiest way to add a touch of style and intrigue. With so many different patterns and colors to choose from that are affordable as well (I have purchased them for $5 at some vendors), there is no excuse not to incorporate them into your fall getups. 

To get this look, try a leather jacket like this one from Diane von Furstenberg. Pair it with skinny jeans from Rag and Bone and black boots by Dolce Vita. Don't forget to head over to places that have street vendors, such as Eastern Market or Chinatown, to get the perfect pashmina. 

Hint: Don't get too bogged down with other accessories if you already have a prominent one, such as a pashmina. Remember, less is more! 

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