TREND: A Savvy Homecoming

It's truly a rarity when GW follows the norms of college traditions. Anyone who walks through the streets surrounding the parameter we like to call GW knows that we aren't exactly the most peppy, or spirited of schools. Without a football team, or even a baseball field on campus, you aren't likely to find students rocking any kind of spirited merchandise unless they display sorority or fraternity embroidery. Instead, GW students bring in homecoming in their own, fashionable style: trendiness. With countless students spending their summers interning in various major cities around the country, I've seen more and more Fashionista's around Foggy Bottom sporting their spirit for the fall semester in their own distinctive style. With the chills of fall starting to make its way into the District, Fashionista's have transitioned their attire by uniquely turning to warmer clothes. Wearing a summer dress, I love how this Fashionista pairs the black dress with a brown sweater for fall and adorable brown oxfords to match (who says you can't wear brown with black?!). The big sweater is a great investment for fall- it's a great way of adding something cute to a simple piece like her black summer dress, or even with tights for your Sunday afternoons in Gelman Library.

I also adore how this Fashionista uses a bit of red in her glasses and big scarf. The statement scarf is a timeless piece that works well with mostly any outfit. Here, the use of red brings ample attention to the Fashionista, making her stand out on just an ordinary sunny day. To finish the look, I love how this Fashionista is off to class with a big, canvas tote that just screams individuality. The canvas tote is a great way of adding a bit of yourself to an outfit. This Fashionista really shows her personality through her bag, really adding that bit of unique style that so clearly shows GW's distinct student body. Even with the most basic outfit, anyone can add a bit of themselves by throwing a detailed canvas bag over their shoulder to create a more finished, fashionable look.

Hint: While other universities are seemingly displaying their school's pride this week, follow this Fashionista's lead in showing GW's pride through your own savvy, distinctive style.

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