TREND: A Shift Away From Black

Blending various colors and patterns can be a bit tricky sometimes and almost daunting when waking up early to prepare for an exam later that day. Many of us (or maybe just me) resort to my extensive collection of black clothing knowing that no matter what else I throw on it’ll work and won’t look too sloppy. However, though black will always be a chic color in my mind, it is definitely time to branch out. This past season colors such as green, camel and gray have phased in. With the military trend came loads of green and as winter came along camel peacoats have become a regular sighting. These neutral colors mix things up a bit, yet still allow you to throw on an outfit with ease. This Fashionista’s military style parka in a light shade of camel picks up the mood and deviates from the generic black coat. Layered with a fur vest of a similar hue and a simple black tee makes it easy to add another element – her scarf. Her scarf enhances the outfit with its gray and red pattern and easily matches the color of the coat. All her pieces adjoin to create a chic ensemble with a lighthearted feel. So, if you’ve been stuck on black, try branching out and pick up some key neutral pieces over the winter break – you’ll be delightfully surprised how well everything will still work together. 

Hint: This Fashionista’s exact parka can be found on Shopbop or try a more refined version of the color with this peacoat from Reiss.

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