TREND: A Touch of Navajo

They may have been among the first to roam the United States, but the Navajos are making a comeback with one of summer's hottest trends. With funky prints and tons of ways to wear them, Navajo-inspired fashion is appearing all over the streets and runways, with designers such as Missoni showing the trend this season.

I spotted this Fashionista strolling the streets. Not only was she sporting a summer maxi, but the print was also amazing and such an easy one to carry into fall. She paired the skirt with a simple black tank and an amazing oversized bag. Looking simple yet chic, this Fashionista knew how to pull a look together. Adding to the Navajo-inspired feel, her sandals play up the skirt, yet are a shade of brown, which contrast the black and grey of the rest of her outfit.

To get this look, try a maxi skirt with a solid tank. If you’re looking for other ways to wear this trend, try a sweater or pants. Be simple with your jewelry and let the piece express itself. Play around with this trend. It is so easy to wear and comes in every article of clothing.

Hint: Be careful not to go overboard with this trend. You don’t want to look like you're walking out of your teepee. For beginners, try to choose one statement piece and work from there. Usually, it is best to wear a Navajo print with something solid so that you're not playing with too many patterns at once.

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