TREND: Get Sophisticated

G.W. is lucky to have a campus filled with young Fashionistas eager to look savvy by adding their own bit of flare to the latest trends. Yet, what seems to stand out the most among a campus filled with stylish ladies is the abundance of Fashionistos seen in some of the best outfits around Foggy Bottom. I absolutely love this Fashionisto's perfect fall outfit. He breaks boundaries with his mix of black and browns in an interesting and distinctive way; he doesn't overdo it, but takes bold strides in the face of fashion. His basic, soft gray and white striped shirt looks adorable tucked under his big pea coat, which is an absolute essential for the fall weather. His jeans are a perfect cut as well, not too loose or tight, and the perfect shade of blue.

What's best about this Fashionisto, however, is his adventurous side. While combat boots have been all over the women's fashion scene this season, this Fashionisto shows that the options for combat boots aren't limited to women. Using a masculine twist, I love how he follows the trend in his own, sophisticated manner. The Fashionisto's brown leather boots match with his oversized school bag, creating a truly unique and dashing finish to his adorable ensemble. It is one of the most unique school bags I've see around campus and the elbow strap of his bag is a perfect alternative to the classic satchel often seen on other male students around campus. It's a great tote for traveling or carrying all of your books to Gelman Library after class.

Hint: I adore how this Fashionisto is fearless in his use of color and style. I couldn't help but stopping him as he walked down the street just to capture his individuality. This week, take a walk on the wild side by wearing something that is unique to your wardrobe and style.

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