TREND: Aaaaaaanimal Prints

If you’ve taken a look at any September issue of 2010, I’m certain you’ve noticed that animal prints are back in a big way. And you can bet that your neighborhood fashion retailer will be all over this trend. My recommendation? Go for it! Cheetah prints will be an easy addition to any fall wardrobe. The neutral shades of brown and black fit in well with fall’s traditionally neutral palette. To keep this print from looking tacky or trashy, stick to ladylike silhouettes. The Fashionista seen here is a perfect example of cheetah done right. While her skirt may have been inexpensive, she certainly doesn’t look cheap.

In addition to looking classy, this Fashionista knows how to dress for the heat and humidity of Bloomington, IN. School may be in session, but it is hotter than ever outside! This ensemble manages to be appropriate for hot weather and for the classroom. And for that, I say "bravo."

Hint: Accessories are a great way to try a new trend. They are often less expensive than a skirt or blouse. Try a pair of cheetah print flats or a skinny belt.

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