TREND: Accessorize Me

I know I have said it before, but I’m going to say it again: fashion should be fun! All you Fashionistas and Fashionistos would agree that creating that perfect outfit is about having fun with the pieces you put together. For me, accessories are my favorite way to express my creativity. I love to go to stores and sift through piles of necklaces, rings, hats, and scarves. There’s something so fun about the thrill of the search for that perfect combination of accessories. 

I saw this Fashionista walking out of class at Memorial Hall and wanted to capture her awesomely accessorized outfit. She has on a black and white graphic skirt with a black vest, a simple red tee, black tights and cowboy boots. What really caught my attention were her turquoise accessories. By adding a few pieces in a bright color, this Fashionista has added a simple new dimension to her look. The Fashionista chose to use jewelry and her handbag as the source of color in her outfit. When you have an outfit with neutrals, like blacks and whites, use your accessories as an outlet to bring in color and pattern.

I found a cool studded, bright red messenger bag at the vintage clothing website ModCloth. Accessories like these are fun and festive and will transform an old outfit into something new. Use them to incorporate texture and visual detail, like mixing a fuzzy feathered texture with a metal. Or, mix something feminine and delicate with something studded and buckled. Just choose pieces based on what will compliment what you are wearing and besides that, there really are no limits. Be bold, and be sure to mix and match with what expresses your own personal style. 

Hint: If you are in need of some new and fun accessories, I strongly recommend that you check out Cactus Flower. It’s a local boutique located right on Kirkwood. They have an awesome selection of accessories, new, vintage, and handmade by local artisans. Check them out on Facebook.

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