TREND: According to the Bell-Bottom

During my lunch break, I spotted this trendy Fashionista out of the corner of my eye, and knew I had to feature her outfit this week. The accordion pleated bell-bottom is a retro-chic piece that is extremely eye-catching, too. I especially loved how she styled the bottoms with a ballerina bun and very few accessories. Her metallic pink sandals added just enough spark to the muted nude colors. To find inspiration on the runway, look to Derek Lam’s spring 2011 collection for a retro, relaxed pant style. The ‘70s high-waisted flare style is also incorporated into the pant trend as seen on the Tory Burch runway. While the dramatic bell-bottom has been seen in the form of denim and tailored styles, this Fashionista points out that a silky, accordion pleated version should definitely be tried.

Hint: The most important aspect to dressing is to make sure you wear the clothes and the clothes don’t wear you. With this in mind, choose the length and style that best fits your body type. This week’s Fashionista was petite, so the elastic waistband and tucked in shirt worked well with her figure. American Apparel offers the accordion-pleat pant in a variety of colors. For the taller Fashionista, try breaking up the high-waisted style by wearing a crop top, and show just a little skin. For the shorter Fashionista, opt for a cropped style to lengthen your silhouette while still having a flare at the bottom. If pleats or trouser style bells are not your cup of tea, try a shear patterned pant. The bell-bottom pant may first have been seen in the ‘70s, but the variations and interpretations of today make the style a fun and sophisticated choice.

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