TREND: Acing Your Classes

After the hype of the first couple weeks of school wears away, the realization sets in that summer is fading and we are back in school. No matter how much of a drab it is to get yourself from your bed to class, don’t let your wardrobe reflect this attitude!

It’s easy enough to slip into the habit of dressing sloppy for the classes you slump to, and sometimes the hardest part of motivating yourself to get to class is figuring out what to wear. I suggest you take note from this Fashionista – she aced her classroom attire. 

Among the crowds of people filing into the Studio Arts Building at the University of Iowa, she popped in her beautiful sundress. The great combination of pinks, purples, and reds in the patterning of the dress don’t make it hard to see why. Just because fall is right around the corner does not mean it is time to throw away your playful dresses just yet! It’s still hot and muggy in Iowa City, chilly at dawn and dusk, and this outfit is the perfect solution for each predicament. Originally from Serbia, this Fashionista explained how hot it gets where she is from. Her dress is so lightweight, she explained, that she isn’t even bothered by the heat of midday. She had a cotton cardigan handy for when the cooler hours rolled around, which is also a great way to bring this look into the cooler temperatures of fall. She dressed her frock up with some gold bangles, dangling earrings, and a gorgeous oversized ring. Rather than pairing her dress and accessories with a pair of flip-flops, I thought her simple metallic sandals were a great way to make the outfit look sophisticated and put together. 

Hint: Check out Forever 21 to find accessories to fancy-up your classroom wardrobe. Also check out and Banana Republic to find dresses that will help you look fashionable through the last hot weeks of summer and carry you into fall.

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