TREND: Add a Little Shimmer

Nothing screams glamour to me quite like sparkles do. Whether it be a sequined beret or a cocktail dress, you are without a doubt guaranteed to look fabulous, which is a rare assurance when it comes to clothing, indeed. As it is finally chilly in D.C., it is harder to know what to wear when going out. This is because it is so cold waiting on line outside, but hot in the venue itself. Sparkles is the way to go, as you can get a oversized sequined three quarter sleeved top and call it a night (literally). Paired with some black leggings and heels, you will be comfortable and ready to move.

This Fashionista represents the epitome of elegant with a sequined black and gray sweater paired with black leggings and boots. She can easily wear this to a concert or a club, as it is movable and casual, yet can be played up to be more formal as well. To copy this look, try a top such as this vertical sequined black and silver one by Marc Jacobs. Add a pair of standard black spandex and either a pair of black boots or strappy heels if you want to play it up even more. 

Hint: The best part about sequined pieces is that they serve as accessories in themselves, being the focal piece of your entire look that is the most intriguing. Try not to add many other accessories in terms of jewelry or patterned shoes, as this can take away from what you really want to grab attention, which is the sparkle. 

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