TREND: Add an Earring, Mix it Up

As the weather gets colder, Fashionistas everywhere start packing on the layers. What many forget however, is that sometimes less is more. What really makes this Fashionista’s outfit pop are the oversized earrings and mini-bangles she used to complement her look. If you dress more for comfort and less for style, accessories can be a great way to spice up any outfit. Simple is best. One or two well chosen pieces can make even the most overdone look new again. A personal favorite of mine are these jet drop earrings from AE’s new line of jewelry that will definitely get everyone’s attention, as well as this fun charm bracelet from Nordstrom.

Hint: You can also create your own plaid look with these button-up tunics from It only takes one or two items to create a little visual excitement in an outfit and draw attention to wherever you want it.

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