TREND: The Colors of Fall

Typically, when Fashionista's think of fall fashion they think of dark hues like black, gray, and brown. Though those colors are very fall appropriate and you can never really go wrong with them, I am here to expand Fashionistas’ minds about COLOR for fall. Many people think that color should only be used in the spring and summer, but as the Fashionista here shows, bright colors can make for a perfect fall outfit.

One way to easily incorporate color into a fall ensemble is to pair it with basic neutrals, as this Fashionista did. Spotted outside of the Art Museum, she sported basic hues of black and white with bright teal tights and a hot pink scarf. Normally, these colors may seem too bold for fall or even to pair together, but she seemed to do so effortlessly. A basic black scoop-neck dress, a striped black and white cardigan matched with black combat boots, a black knit beanie, and a pink backpack make for the perfect canvas to add a little bit of color.

To share this Fashionista’s style, look for a basic black dress like this puff sleeve from Forever21. Find a boyfriend cardigan, some black combat boots, and a black beanie to complete your neutrals. Now here comes the fun part. Look for the brightest tights and scarf that you can find. This tribal scarf and these diamond-cut tights are a great way to add a ton of color to the mix.

Hint: If you’re going to add a lot of color to a fall outfit, remember to keep the majority of the ensemble neutral. That way, your colors will pop and you will stand out from the drab fall background!

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