TREND: Alley Cats Strike

When you imagine the perfect girls’ night out, what do you see? Are you dressed to the nines in platforms and a little black dress? Are you enjoying bottle service at a swanky night club? Needless to say, this is not what I see. For me, the perfect night with friends involves beer, greasy food, and a bowling alley. And something tells me I’m not alone.

Recently at my local bowling alley, Colonial Lanes, I spotted two Fashionistas enjoying a ladies night dressed down. But they were looking classy nonetheless. The pair matched in summery plaids, shorts, and knee-high socks. While you might not look to plaid or knee-highs as your go-to summer ensemble, reconsider the youthful retro look this season.

Knee-highs, a staple for the fall season when paired with skirts, work just as well in the summer. Try lighter varieties in shear silk or cotton on hot days, argyle and houndstooth when it’s cooler. American Apparel has a wealth of socks short and tall in stripes and bright colors, and the perfect Mary Janes to pair with them. For summer plaids like gingham and madras, check out Gap’s assortment of lighter options in button downs and tunics. For a look similar to our Fashionista’s embroidered blue blouse, shop online at Ralph Lauren. For Juicy socks just like this bowler, browse thefind.

The retro 50s vibe from a bowling alley can be inspiring for the fashion-conscious. Bowling shoes, believe it or not, have recently seen a surge in popularity. Even Chanel designed a gold patent variety for bowlers, and shoe-lovers, alike. Call me crazy, but I’d wear them.

Hint: If you’re craving a vintage pair of bowling shoes all your own, bid on one of thousands on eBay today.

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