TREND: American Denim

The Fourth of July is the pinnacle of patriotism; this is the time to pull out your American spirit, and what’s more American than denim? However, wearing too much denim can be a bad thing, but sometimes, if done right, it can work.  This Fashionista (who gets extra style points, because I caught her looking this great at work!) is the perfect example of how to mix denim, on top and bottom, in a great way.

To pull off the head-to-toe denim look, you must mismatch the materials. If you dress in all one shade, you’ll look like a cowboy from a low-budget western film. Like this Fashionista, try a light wash top; you can either wear a cute denim tank, or a more traditional button down. Make sure the button down is fitted; if it is too baggy, it could look tacky. However, if you’ve salvaged your dad’s old denim button down from the closet, try pairing it with leggings and a belt.  This way, you’re creating a looser shape on top and still being feminine with svelte leggings on the bottom.

You can also take inspiration from Dolce and Gabana’s Spring 2008 Ready To Wear collection. This collection mixes denim in many ways, and never crosses the weird-old-western line. In fact, it provides ways to casually mix denim, or mix it more professionally to wear to work.

So, show your patriotism this Fourth of July through your jeans. Be a bit daring and do denim, head-to-toe! Just be warned: although it’s quintessentially American, the cowboy look is no longer in style.

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