TREND: An Anorak for a Summer Storm

There is something sweet about being caught in a summer’s rain. Remember counting the seconds between seeing lighting and hearing thunder at summer camp? Being half excited by the natural light show and half scared by the sound? Summer storms often catch us off guard, and while frolicking in the rain is fun in theory…what about our clothes? Sure they will be fine when they dry, but unless you have a spare change of clothes you might be donning wet attire for quite some time. This season, there is one trendy solution: the anorak.

Wearing an olive green waterproof anorak, this Fashionista looks stylish. If she gets caught in the rain, her plaid shirt will stay nice and dry. Thanks to the cinched waist, the anorak is quite flattering and has a feminine twist. Take a look at Ali Ro’s Fall 2010 collection. There are a few cute anoraks that each have feminine details that really make the jacket. This anorak is just gorgeous. Why would you save it just for a rainy day? It's perfect for everyday. These cascading ruffles and the cinched waist make it chic and a little bit girly. Plus, the color, similar to the one our Fashionista wore, corresponds with the military color scheme this season. But as quickly as the rain can fall, the sun can shine. So, don't forget about those summer shades. It is summer, after all! Look through these stylish lenses and go retro like this Fashionista. The weather gods can throw anything they want at you this season and you will be ready decked out in two must-have items: an anorak and retro sunglasses. Let it rain and shine!

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