TREND: Animal Instinct

Want an easy and fun way to instantly grab someone’s attention? Try wearing an animal print! From cheetah spots to zebra stripes, animal prints are a huge trend this fall. Whether it’s tops, bags, accessories or even leggings, these crazy prints will add a touch of “wild” to any outfit.

I saw this Fashionista walking down the street and I could immediately tell she knew exactly how to make her animal print sweater suitable for a day of class. Her gray cheetah-print sweater with subtle black spots was matched with a simple V-neck black shirt and dark skinny jeans. To polish off her look, she wore a pair of black heeled boots. The silver in her metallic headband and chunky necklace really accentuated the entire ensemble.

The key to wearing anything animal print is to not overdo it. Try sticking to one piece, whether it’s in your clothes or in an accessory. Animal prints tend to go best when paired with neutral or solid colors, such as basic black, bright white, chocolate brown and beige because it keeps the outfit simple and puts all of the focus on the piece with the print. Oh, and try to stick to wearing animal print on pieces that won’t make you look like a cougar on the prowl with short skirts or dresses. Wearing a simple and sophisticated piece such as tops, blazers, sweaters, scarves, dresses or leggings, in an animal print will add just the right amount of chic to your outfit.


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