TREND: Army Wives

There are so many reasons to love the beginning weeks of fall. Football season begins, the trees transform into wilder, brighter versions of themselves, and on most days the weather is indescribably perfect. And just like the changing trees, the fall fashion world loves the changing colors of spring clothing lines to fall clothing lines. While spring and summer are full of floral prints, neon solids, and pastels, Fall is all about rich, deep colors.

The rich olive color of this Fashionista's T-shirt dress is reminiscent of the Army's uniforms, of course, a much more feminine, fashionable uniform. And while this Fashionista is not exactly wearing a uniform, everything about her outfit is uniform. Her earth-toned and gold accessories meld perfectly together with the rich, earthy color of the main focus; the dress. A T-shirt dress is both laid-back and so easy to wear. Wearing it off the shoulder is feminine and chic, and is a great look for in or out of the classroom, day or night. Cinching the dress at the waist with a belt is better. Cinching the dress at the waist with a beaded or studded belt is best. Adding that extra flair to the dress takes little to no effort but goes miles in completing the outfit. Her gold strappy sandals glam up the look and are paired up to match the gold bangles on her wrist. The bracelets are probably my favorite part of the outfit. While some people may think gold and silver will never get along, I think the combination in small doses is stylish and fun. After all, two is better than one. What I love about the bracelets, (besides the shear size), is the subtle uniting of gold and silver. The majority of the bracelet is a goldish-browinsh color, but amidst it all is a single silver studded tennis bracelet. The pairing is subtle enough not to be overwhelmingly flashy and the silver studs add a sparkle that can take the outfit from day to night in a flash. The result is one fabulous fall look.

Hint: If you are opposed to wearing bracelets and would rather opt to wear a different accessory, there are plenty of gold mixed with silver earrings that are flirty and feminine.

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