TREND: Baby It’s Cold Outside

What's winter without sweaters? The Fashionistas of BU seem to follow this mantra to the tee! Campus is filled with funny grandpa sweaters, so dig 'em out and sport them with pride (and warmth).

This Fashionista donned an oversized sweater with a Pendleton-esque pattern. What was once reserved for old people in the Midwest is now in fashion! Although this Fashionista found her sweater at the Punk Rock Flea Market in Philadelphia, you can find Pendleton prints at Urban Outfitters, Dillards or on the Pendleton website. This print-style is not only reserved for sweaters. You can sport this trend on coats, capes, bags and shirts.

Sweater material clothing can also be worn on other parts of the body; sweater-tights and sweater-shirts are also becoming popular! Urban Outfitters even carries sweater shorts. Be on the lookout for sweater-everything, everywhere. Keep warm, Fashionistas, because it sure is chilly out there.

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