WEEKEND FORECAST: Back to School Knits

I love that time of year when you can actually feel the seasons change – my favorite transition is from summer to autumn. Come the end of August, the nights start to slowly get cooler and cooler, and the sunlight begins to fade earlier and earlier. It is when I start to notice this change that I start breaking out my autumn wardrobe, and start to organize (and pack) my clothes for the back to school season.

My absolute favorite back to school style is the combination of winter knits with summer items. Specifically, I love the way shorts and ripped boyfriend jeans look with oversized cardigans and winter knits. When first considered, these two items seem to be polar opposites of one another: knits are meant to keep you warm during the freezing-cold winter, and shorts and tattered boyfriend jeans are meant to keep you cool during the hot summer months. However, this pairing is really a back to school must. Perfect for the autumn weather in D.C., the knits will keep you warm when the evening climate starts to bite, and the shorts will keep you cool during the warm and sunshine-filled daytime hours. And, it's not just me who loves this awesome pairing of summer fashion with winter pieces, Shopbop is also a lover and advocate of this fab combo. Now, you may be hesitant to pull the sweaters from the back of your closet and think that the back to school season is just too early for sweaters and knits, but fear not, Fashionistas! Breaking out those oversized sweaters and other knits is a decision that you will not regret. Your winter knits can be worn now with shorts now, and then again later with heavier denim and boots, thus serving as the perfect transitional piece from fall to winter.

I absolutely love how this Fashionista pairs items from her summer wardrobe with a slightly heavier piece that she can wear all-winter long. This Fashionista sports a lightweight, oversized cardigan, and pairs it beautifully with a nautical-striped tank, cuffed jean shorts, brightly-colored Ray-Ban sunglasses, and a simple braided belt. This Fashionista is also wearing a pair of Sperry boat shoes and is carrying a hold-everything bag – two more items on my favorites-list for back to school. This Fashionista's outfit is great for class: the combination of cardigan with shorts will keep her warm, but not too hot, and her large tote can help her to easily carry her notebooks and school supplies. This outfit is also great because it can go straight from class to a low-key dinner, whether it be picking up food at a dining hall or grabbing a quick bite with friends at a local cafe.

Hint: For another great way to incorporate your favorite winter knits with your summer staples, pair your oversized cardigan with some boyfriend jeans or cargo pants and gladiator sandals.

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