TREND: Back to School? Not Quite!

Being the true beach-loving Californian that I am, I'm always on the look out for cute bathing suit cover-ups that I can wear to school. Something I have noticed while wandering around are rompers, which everyone seems to have now. Many of my fellow Style Gurus have written on this very relevant trend, but San Diegans must know that this one-piece is a closet essential for back-to-school, especially if you are not ready to go back just yet!

Imagine this scenario: its a warm sunny day, one of those days when you just want to be outside but you are stuck indoors for class. At UC San Diego you have the beach so close and with free transportation, why not go? You decide to go on your lunch break but you need something cute to wear over your bikini. A beach dress is an option but you want something different. Rompers are a new and fabulous alternative. They are easy to accessorize with sandals and beach hats yet are comfortable enough for class.

They come in many different styles from casual to club-wear and come in a variety of fabrics. They are found in stores close to campus and with a wide price range. For someone on a college budget, like myself, stores like Target, Forever 21, and Kohl's are great places to look for these fall must-haves. The ideal type for a beach cover-up is the flow-y bohemian style as seen on this Fashionista. Its breathable fabric is great for the beach and its floral print is beautiful for the end of summer. This Fashionista chose to accessorize with a thick belt, huarache-style sandals and big sunglasses.

Back-to-school is a transition time between summer and fall that here at UC San Diego we all must to go through. Especially in the beginning, everyone is in denial that summer is over and its back to the usual routine. We want to enjoy the sun while it still lasts and go to the beach as much as possible before school invades our lives once more. So, go to the beach my fellow students and look fabulous while you do it!

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