TREND: Back To Black

I'll admit, after falling in love with colour blocking last week, I threw most of my dark items to the back of my wardrobe. I was ready to embrace brights, but then I found this Fashionista.

Everything about her outfit screams winter – from the faux fur gilet to the knitwear underneath. Also, rather than choosing brights, she's done the opposite and stuck to black. It's a complete contrast to anything we saw on the spring/summer 2011 catwalks. But somehow, it works. Rather than looking out of place as the spring sun shines down on her, she stands out. Wearing all black makes her look glamourous and classy. Two reasons why it's Victoria Beckham's favourite shade.

Her accessories add to this alternative summer look – the trilby hat and the Chanel bag show she has style. If your budget won't stretch to designer, Marc B offers similar quilted bags at a cinch of the price.

She's been sensible in her choice of black though. Sheer tights mean her legs won't get too hot and with no sleeves, she'll stay cool all day.

This Fashionista is a prime example of the fact that being stylish doesn't always mean sticking firmly with the season's trends. So, if you're thinking of going back to black this spring, this is how!

Hint: If you want to try this look but don't want to sway too far from spring trends, try adding a floral bag or brightly coloured accessories as a nod to the season. 

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As Coco Chanel once famously said, "Once you go black, you never go back". Every girl should have this ebon staple, ranging from a go-to little black dress, statement making jewelry, understated leggings, or a center stage-top. 

This Fashionista is looking top notch in an atramentaceous swing jacket and black leggings. She kicks it in simple black flats and has a pop of beige with a knit snood. The fashion of this outfit isn't in the articles, but rather the whole composition.  She looks put-together and appropriate for a day of sightseeing, as well as a night out.  

The versatility of black is infinite.  It's flattering to everyone and I will continue wearing it until they make something darker. The jet gem was center stage at this past week's SAG awards, with winners such as Nicole Kidman in Versace and Kyra Sedgewick in vintage Thierry Mugler.

It may not seem like a trend, or anything new.  You may be thinking, "Wow Molly, Black.  Good one."  You may also be thinking it's a slow news day for fashion. Nay, I say, for black is a timeless staple to all fashion and I'm sure something favorite you own comes in it.

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TREND: Back to Black

There is something fascinating about the color black that allows it to stand strong in the world of fashion. It is intimidating, sleek and powerful. You assume authority in fashion when wearing this color and, did I mention, it makes you thinner?

It is a timeless color for the fall and winter to sport when you want to have a stern presence. Just as this Fashionisto whose all monochromatic attire from head to toe leads a trail of on lookers towards his way!

His beautiful, cashmere, double-breasted, military inspired trench coat is one of my favorite parts about his entire look. It falls just slightly below his waist, which makes it wearable for both fall and winter. Underneath are layers that consist of a black jersey shirt and knit scarf that is comfortably draped along his neck. His trousers are slim-fitted yet loose enough to create the baggy effect when stuffed inside his black leather Givenchy boots.

This is a look that can be worn from day to night and to class or to a fashionable function. You can never go wrong with something similar, as it is basic enough yet possesses enough “pow!” that it will be received well.

From little black dresses, to traditional black leather jackets, this is one color that is essential to your wardrobe. Ladies if your looking for a fashionably fierce look that is all black everything try these show stopper Vero Modo harem pants from ASOS that can be worn with this really cool Black Mongolian sheepskin jacket found on Topshop . Of course you are going to need a killer pair of heels to rock with this look and I suggest these super fabulous strap-up heels from Primrose also found at Topshop.

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