TREND: Back to School Booties

Though back to school has more college bound students thinking about school supplies, roommates, and dorm decor, one thing that should be on every Fashionista's or Fashionisto's mind should be, "What do I wear?" This year head back to class with class in this fall's trend – the boot. Thankfully, we don't have to start looking towards snow boots yet, which leaves many college students looking like eskimos in the midwest. Fall boots, on the other hand, don't lose any style in exchange for practicality. This fall be prepared to see some toe cleavage, which is often abandoned after the summer season, along with studs, buckles, and ruffles (oh my). 

This Fashionista is demonstrating fall booties along of the oxford assortment. These shoes are the perfect mix of business, with the oxford style, and sultriness, with the skin barring cut outs. She used them to add some patent leather seriousness to an otherwise playful outfit with layers and ruffles.  

When shopping for boots this fall keep one thing in mind, BE BOLD. This fall, designers are going all out to bring you styles you have probably never thought possible. For example, these lace up, wedge, booties with a textured leather design, though pricey, show how outgoing styles are becoming. Also, don't be afraid to unleash your inner biker babe this season. Styles like this from Aldo shoes will have you showing your Harley mama side.

Hint: Pair your new fall booties with neon leggings and a tunic and show your wild side after class is dismissed.

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