TREND: Back To School Cool

Classes are starting up again, but that doesn't mean it's time for sweats and hoodies too (unless you pulled an all nighter for an exam and slept in the library, then it’s okay).
No sweats and hoodies?! Yes, that’s right. But no worries! You can make the “I just got out of bed,” “I need coffee,” or “I’m late for class!” look work for you. Looking cool doesn't have to be difficult and time consuming, after all, school is hard enough. You can add “just got out of bed” into your style mantra, which you can repeat even while you’re still half asleep.

Take a cue from this Fashionista whose got a knack for mixing textures and colors. Her outfit is casual and effortless, practical yet still chic. Her combination of light layers are perfect for class. A sweet floral mini dress gets roughed up with a distressed and dyed denim jacket, a rustic brown leather bag, and ripped tights (plus a black cardigan draped over her lap for when she gets cold). While her Doc Martens complete her outfit, they are also suitable for walking around all day, and they get better the more they’re used. Big headphones worn around her neck work as an accessory.

To make things “effortless” when recreating this look, keep your outfit simple and use colors from the same palette. Try not to plan it out ahead of time – see where your instincts take you! Don’t forget your tousled locks and middle part to add to the “I just got out of bed” look. Makeup is optional.

Hint: Want to keep your cool but tone down the tough? Trade the leather boots or Docs for simple black leather flats that will go with anything and still give you that added texture. A classic jean jacket will also do the trick.  

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