TREND: Back to School Hues

Labor Day on campus signifies the beginning of classes, which means the excitement of seeing old friends, but yet the stress of studying and, for some, juggling a job. This Fashionisto was full of smiles walking around campus and was hard to miss with his bright blue chino shorts. His outfit is ideal for time saving because he can go straight from class to work with a quick change of his shoes. To get a more work appropriate, yet laid back look for many jobs around the area, he can just throw on a pair of loafers or boat shoes and would be good to go without having to go back to his room to fully change. His cardigan is a huge hit with the V-neck and the white band details at the end of each sleeve. His cardigan dresses up the outfit, making it a more sophisticated look – one that you might want to accomplish during that first week back to impress your professors. In addition to the polished look, if he gets over heated he can easily take off his cardigan and achieve a completely different look with a white crisp T-shirt. Though the look would be entirely transformed it would definitely be appropriate amongst the more preppy people at our university. All in all, this outfit is perfect for the first week back to school with its versatility and suave all around look.

Hint: To get his bright colored chinos or ones in any other color check out Vineyard Vines online. As for the cardigan, it can be found at Rugby Ralph Lauren as well in many different styles and colors.

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