TREND: Back to School Meets Casual Cool

With the long walks to class in the notorious and brutal muggy air that is D.C. heat, lets be honest, it is hard to look effortlessly fresh and put together. With confusion about what to wear as you don't want to default to gym shorts and a move-in volunteer shirt, but you don't want to have to sweat through your new, more refined clothing either. 

This Fashionisto has done a perfect job of looking pulled together and weather appropriate. With a basic pairing of hunter green velvet shorts (velvet is a huge upcoming trend for fall) and a casual light blue button down, he has the creative liberty to add touches of his own personal style, which he does via oversized aviators, flip flops, and his signature backwards hat. He can easily go from class to dinner in this outfit and with his wise decision to wear a more airy and loose-fitting oxford, he doesn't have to worry about going home to change as he has consciously dressed with the intention to beat the heat. 

As it will start to cool down in the next couple of weeks, do not think that you need to ditch the summer duds quite yet. Make them multi-functional and roll down the oxfords so they are long sleeve or invest in a sports coat such as this classic navy one from Rugby to give off an all-American preppy look. If you are feeling funky, try this one in Herringbone. Try velvet or corduroy pants in a color other than black or brown to add a speck of color. If you have a more formal event to go to, step it up a notch and add a bowtie such as this black skull and bones one, also by Rugby.

There has never been a better time to channel your inner prep, especially with the re-issue of Take Ivy that recently released (I couldn't be more excited) by famous Japanese photographer, Teruyoshi Hayashida, who is known and celebrated for his compositions on this said all-American collegiate type of look, depicted through his images taken from Ivy League campuses in 1965. Now in 2010, I am happy to see the same casual cool look on campus and am relieved it has stood the test of time. 

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