TREND: Bag To School

This ain’t your daddy’s briefcase. The bag, as an iconic fashion piece, has become one of the main focuses for an outfit within recent years. How many times have you continuously used a particular bag, but still received compliments on how great it is? Repetitive use feeds a bag’s style-power. Forget backpacks or totes this school year, why not go for something that packs a Fashionista-punch?

Vintage is always eye-catching and a bit of a buzzword with the booming trend of recycled fashion. As students with small budgets, we need to save at every turn, and vintage shops like The Buffalo Exchange or The Garment District are perfect places to get more fashion-bang for your buck. Classic styles, often times resembling briefcases, are a simple and sweet way to punctuate an outfit. That chic leather bag is not only perfect for carrying books around campus, but also for turning every head as you walk by. A simple leather bag can add a whole lot of character and charm to an outfit.

This Fashionista’s gorgeous leather satchel enhances the simplicity of her look. The innovative metal work on the buckle and strap add a great edge to her basic gray v-neck. The longer strap paired with a shorter handle, in this case a leather-covered metal cross-bar, adds to its versatility. A longer strapped style is a casual thing, a sort of throw-and-go vibe, while holding the bag by the shorter handle can add a bit of sophistication to a look.

Back-to-school clothing is a great way to show you're fashion-savvy, but let’s not forget your accessories! Don’t simply throw your books and pens into any old bag – try a vintage gem, like a leather satchel, to make you look all the more collegiate and oh so Fashionista fabulous!

Hint: Some vintage stores are hard to find close by. I'd suggest checking out bargain department stores like T.J.Maxx or Target for great finds, like this Mossimo Supply Co. mini bag!

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