TREND: Battle the Snow with a Slouchy Beanie Hat

Waking up to a freezing cold room and bitter dark skies makes just about every college student want to pull their fluffy blankets over themselves and press the snooze button a few more times before mustering up the energy to get ready for class. After finally deciding to go to class, all the College Fashionistas on campus are quickly faced with another problem: how to look fabulous while staying warm.

This Fashionista made her winter gear both warm and fashionable with the help of a key accessory, the slouchy beanie hat. This white knitted hat is a season’s must have. This Fashionista’s hat works so well because she contrasted her light accessory with her dark apparel making the slouchy beanie stand out. Not only does this look work because it is bold, it works because the crocheted flower on the hat adds femininity to this relaxed going to class look. In addition to style this hat also provides warmth. This Fashionista’s hat slouches perfectly to the back of her head providing full coverage of her ears with a hidden elastic band. This makes the slouchy beanie hat an even more practical accessory for battling the gusty winds around campus.

I believe that the greatest part about this accessory is its ability to be paired with others. This Fashionista added a pair of black and purple striped gloves to her ensemble providing more warmth and fashion to this look. In order to further warm up this look, I would suggest adding a scarf. My favorite place to buy scarves from is Nordstroms. Because of their vast  selection and array of prices, there is something for everyone.  The true beauty of these accessories is that they aren't required to match. In fact, this Fashionista’s colorful mix of accessories worked so well because the accessories were so independent of each other.

Hint: Check out Urban Outfitters for more trendy slouchy beanie hats.

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